"Sodra’s" bank accounts for collecting payments






LT58 4010 0424 0349 5020

LT46 2140 0300 0263 2951


LT33 7044 0600 0774 0589


LT77 7300 0101 2900 2656

CBSBLT26 LT02 7180 3000 0069 0001

INDULT2X LT61 7290 0000 0069 1020


When making a payment order to "Sodra" on your online banking system, do not forget to:

  • Indicate in the payment order that you agree to transfer your personal data (personal identity number and other required information) to the recipient of the contribution.
  • Indicate as the recipient of the contribution: Valstybinio socialinio draudimo fondo valdyba prie Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerijos (VSDFV prie SADM).
  • Recipient’s code: 191630223.
  • Payer’ code (your personal identity number or the code of the company/institution for which the contributions are paid).
  • "Sodra’s" bank account of your bank.
  • Payable amount.
  • Correct contribution code (the codes can be found on, section ‘How to pay "Sodra"’).

  Important! Some banks’ online banking systems allow user to enter only one identifier: contribution code or payment details. In such a case, please indicate only the contribution code.

  • Indicate the payment details, for example: ‘Compulsory health insurance contribution for the self-employed’ etc.).
  • If you are paying contributions to "Sodra" on behalf of another person, do not forget to indicate that. When paying contributions to "Sodra" on behalf of another person, please indicate that person’s or company’s: name (first and last name or company’s/institution’s name), code (personal identity number or legal entity code), contribution code and payable amount. In order to pay a contribution for another person, online banking systems usually require to fill out the Initial Payer’s data.

  Important! Each bank’s online banking system may have different sequence of entries, field names, graphical design and other elements of user interface, and they may change. In case of any additional questions on how to indicate specific data on your online banking system, please refer to the bank whose services you are using.

Update date: 2022-11-14

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