Child care benefit calculator

About the calculator
  • The results of the calculator are preliminary.
  • The calculator is suitable for parents who are civil servants or are employed under employment contracts.
  • In step 2, you should record the average monthly salary by taking your average income for 12 months “on paper”, ending in the first month before child care leave begins. For example, you were entitled to the benefit in February 2021 and the benefit is calculated on the basis of the income received between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020.
  • In step 3, you can record the average additional monthly income “on paper” for the first year of your leave, if you plan to work through it. The income will then be deducted from the benefit awarded.
  • The calculator applies a contribution floor - the benefit is calculated from the minimum monthly salary - unless you select Do not apply a contribution floor in step 2. The contribution floor does not apply if you have worked for more than one employer, received an old-age or incapacity pension, were under 24 years of age, have a fixed level of working capacity of 0-55 per cent, received maternity, paternity or childcare benefits (SSI Law, a. 10 p. 7)
  • Information on child care leave can be found here.
1 Holiday time
2 Income
3 Income during holiday time
4 Results
Holiday time


Additional information
Additional average monthly income

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Scenario The period of benefit (years) Explanation Calculated per month for the first year before deductions of taxes. Calculated per month for the second year before deductions of taxes.

All the calculations are preliminary.

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