Submitting and handling of complaints

To whom can I submit a complaint?

Complaints against the territorial divisions of the Fund Board can be submitted to the Fund Board. This institution is responsible for the early settlement of disputes out of court. The grounds for a complaint may be decisions taken (not taken) and/or actions taken (not taken) by territorial divisions.

Who can submit a complaint?
  • insurers;
  • insured persons;
  • recipients of “Sodra” benefits;
  • other interested parties.  
What is the time limit for submitting a complaint?
  • within 20 working days from the day on which the person became aware or should have become aware of the decision and the act (or failure to act) appealed against by the territorial divisions of the Fund Board;
  • within 20 working days of the expiry of the time limit for adopting the contested decision; 
  • within 6 months of the date on which the person knew or should have known of the contested decision on pensions, annuities, social assistance and single person’s benefits. This time limit also applies to appealed decisions concerning the granting and/or payment of compensation payments to creative staff under the Law on Professional Performing Arts. 
If the deadline for submitting appeals is missed for important reasons, the relevant documentation must be submitted. The time limit for submitting a complaint may then be extended by a decision of the Director of the Fund Board.
What do I need to include in my complaint?
  • The natural person must provide his/her name, surname, personal identification number (or social security number, insurance number or date of birth). A legal person or an organisation without legal person’s status must provide its name and number in the Register of Legal Entities (or the insurer’s code). 
  • The complaint shall also specify the territorial division of the Fund Board and, if known, the specific employee complained about, the specific action (inaction) and/or decision complained about.
  • The reasons and circumstances on which the complaint is based must be clear. 
The complaint must be:
  • written in the official Lithuanian language or have a translation into the official language certified in accordance with the law;
  • signed;
  • legible.
You can use the complaint form provided.
If the complaint is submitted by another person, the name of the representative must be stated and a document confirming the representation (e.g. a power of attorney, a written agreement) must be provided.
How can I submit a complaint?
  • by logging in to your Electronic Service System for Policyholders (EDAS) account;
  • by registered post to Konstitucijos pr. 12-101, Vilnius, LT-09308;
  • by sending an email to [email protected] (must be signed with a qualified electronic signature);
  • by going to any reception of the territorial division of the Fund Board and presenting a valid identity document.
How long it takes to examine a complaint?
  • the complaint must be investigated and decided within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint;
  • if, during the examination, the complainant clarifies or supplements the complaint or formulates new claims, the time limit for examining the complaint shall be calculated from the date of receipt of the clarified (supplemented) complaint;
  • the time limit for examining the complaint may be extended by a maximum of 20 working days from the date of receipt of the additional documents or other information, where, for objective reasons, a decision cannot be taken within the time limit and additional information, documents or investigations are required to take a decision.
When a complaint shall not be examined?
  • where the Fund Board is not competent to deal with the issues raised in the complaint;
  • where the person who submitted the complaint or his/her representative cannot be identified;
  • when the complaint is lodged by a person who is incapacitated in the relevant field;
  • where the complaint does not specify the specific action and/or decision complained of;
  • where the complaint is based on facts that are manifestly untrue or where its content is vague or incomprehensible;
  • when it becomes clear that a complaint on the same issue has been brought before a court;
  • when it becomes apparent that the same issue has been decided by the Fund Board;
  • where the appeal is lodged after the time limit for lodging the appeal has been exceeded and the person lodging the appeal fails to provide, within the time limit specified by the Fund Board, evidence constituting grounds for an extension of the time limit.
To whom can I complain against the decision?

A decision taken by the Fund Board in the context of an out-of-court preliminary dispute resolution procedure may be appealed to the court in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Law on Administrative Proceedings.

Update date: 2022-10-06
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