I would like to receive a long-term work benefit

A person, who:

  • Has worked for an uninterrupted period longer than 5 years for the same employer, prior to becoming redundant.
  • Was made redundant according to the article 57 of the Labour code of the Republic of Lithuania, i.e. according to the employer’s initiative without any fault of the employer.
  • Has not started working for the same employer during 3 months after being made redundant.
  • Has requested the granting of the benefit not later than in 6 months from becoming redundant.
  1. The benefit is assigned not earlier than after 3 months since the dismissal.
  2. The entire amount of the benefit is paid out in one payment within 10 working days after the decision on the assignment of this benefit.

For example, a worker is dismissed on January 4, 2020. If the person does not renew the employment relationship with the former employer (does not conclude an employment contract) within three months, from April 5 (after 3 months), he may claim a long-term employment benefit.


Persons who have already submitted a request to assign any other benefit paid by “Sodra”, long-term employment benefit is paid without a request. If you did not receive this benefit on your personal account after the long term employment benefit assignment and payment terms had come to maturity, you should apply application form for a change in the payment of the benefit. You can do this by:

  • Online, when you sign in to your personal "Sodra" account for a resident and when you choose an application form to change your payment, GPS8;
  • By post. When sending an application by post, a copy of the identity document certified in accordance with the procedure laid down by law (e.g. notary) must be attached;
  • Upon arrival at the "Sodra" department, the application will be filled in and submitted to you for signature by the employee. You have to have with you:
    • identity document such as passport, identity card, permanent residence permit in Lithuania;
    • know the details of the personal account to which the payment will be transferred.

  The request must be submitted no later than 6 months after the dismissal.

  1. 77,68% one average monthly person's salary​ size benefit, when the person has worked from 5 to 10 years before redundancy.
  2. 77,68% two average monthly person's salary​ size benefit, when the person has worked from 10 to 20 years before redundancy.
  3. 77,68% three average monthly person's salary​ size benefit, when the person has worked for 20 and more years before redundancy.


  The average monthly wage of a person is calculated on the basis of "before taxes" average of the income related to the employment relationship, from which the contributions for "Sodra" are paid, for the 12 months preceding the month of dismissal of the employee. 

  1. Whenever wrong or incorrect data has been provided.
  2. Whenever the employee and the employer have entered a new employment contract during a 3-month period from redundancy.
  3. Whenever the redundancy has been accounted as unlawful by the decision of the institution, responsible for the examination of the labour dispute.
  • The Long-term benefit Fund is managed by “Sodra”.
  • The Fund is formed from the contributions paid by the employers/insurers. The employers/insurers pay 0,16 percent contribution from the employment-related income calculated for the employees, from which the contributions to the National Social Insurance Fund are paid (the budgetary institutions and the Bank of Lithuania is not paying these contributions).


  For example, if the person receives a 500 Euro salary “before tax” – the payment to the Long-term benefit Fund would be 0,8 Euro.

Update date: 2020-12-31
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