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We inform you that by logging into your personal "Sodra" account you can view personal information that is identical to the information provided in the certificates.

  The certificate may be issued in the "Sodra" department by submitting an identity document. The representative additionally submits a representation document (e. g. authorization).



  • Certificates for which data are stored in Sodros databases shall be issued on the same working day.
  • Certificates for the issuance of which additional data or calculations are required (e.g. record of accumulated length of service, certificate of non-payment of benefits or indebtedness to the deceased person) shall be issued within 20 business days.
  • Insurers, insured persons and beneficiaries of social insurance benefits have the right to obtain information about them stored in the "Sodra" information system without paying any fees.
  • The amount of the fee for providing data is 2.46 EUR (excluding VAT).
Update date: 2019-09-19
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