What to do?
  1. At the age of pension or having lost 60% of your capacity for work you can apply for a scientist’s pension when you are unemployed and without other insured income. The application can be submitted by post, upon arrival at the "Sodra" department or via the internet, by logging into a personal "Sodra" account for an inhabitant.
  2. At least 10 years of scientific work with a scientific degree or a pedagogical title. The academic work period for which a scientist’s pension is granted is estimated to be 65 years.
  3. At any time convenient for you, submit proof of your experience before 1994 to the nearest "Sodra" department.
  4. The scientist’s pension will be granted not later than 30 days after receipt of all the required documents.
  5. If you have been granted a scientist’s pension and you have been employed, you must notify the "Sodra" within 10 days. When you receive a salary, a scientist’s pension is terminated. You will be able to update it on a separate application when you no longer receive insured income.
  6. From 2012, the retirement age will increase annually until 2026 to reach the same 65-year limit for both women and men. In 2018, the retirement age for women is 62 years and 4 months, for men – 63 years and 8 months.
When should I contact the "Sodra"?

  For the grant of scientist’s pension, it is possible to apply to the "Sodra" for a maximum of 3 months before reaching the age of retirement pension or 60 percent or more work incapacity.

Who can receive benefits?
  • You are a resident in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • You have been awarded or nostrified of scientific degree or a pedagogical scientific degree.
  • You are at retirement age or are recognized as incapacitated or partially capacitated for work, having lost 60% and more work capacity (recognized as invalids of the I or II group before 1 July 2005).
  • You have at least 10 years of doctoral or habilitated doctorate experience.
  • You do not have insured income.
  • You do not get sickness, maternity, paternity, maternity (paternity), vocational rehabilitation benefits or unemployment benefits.
What documents are required to submit?
  1. An Application for a scientist’s pension.
  2. Identity card.
  3. Document certifying a degree (or nostrificated) scientific degree or a pedagogical scientific degree granted to a person or in accordance with the procedure established by law.
  4. Documents proving the person's scientific work experience.
  5. Personal account details.


The application for a pension may be submitted:

  1. Via the internet, when logging into the personal "Sodra" account for an inhabitant.
  2.  By post;
  3. Upon arrival at the "Sodra" department.

Upon arrival, the application will be filled in and submitted to you by the employee. You need to have:

  • Identity card (passport or ID card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or a Member State of the European Union, a passport of the Republic of Lithuania or a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania).
  • Documents proving the person's scientific work record.
  • a document on the degree of scientific degree (or pedagogical scientific title) recognized by the person (nostrificated) granted to a person or established by law.
  • You also need to know the details of the personal account to which the pension will be transferred.

  Important! When filling in the application, you must specify the account number (20 characters: LT and 18 digits), not the card number (16 characters). If the application contains a card number, the pension will not be paid.

Additional documents that may be needed

Documents certifying the scientific work experience at the Ministry of Education and Science for the period of scientific work for retirement if:

  1. You were a political prisoner or deportee and you have worked in the state institutions of science and studies of the Union and Republican subordination of the Soviet Union and you have citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. You have funded science programs from the state budget.
Amount of benefits

Scientist's pension rates:

  1. 5,80 Euro (10% of state pension base) for each full year of a doctor's degree.
  2. 8.70 Euro (15% of state pension base) for each full year of a doctorate in Habil.


  The state pension base is 58 euros.

  The length of the scientific work for which the pension is granted is stopped at the age of 65. This means that the continuation of scientific activity at an advanced age, the academic experience acquired after 65 years will no longer be evaluated by the allocation of a state scientist’s pension.

Where and when will I receive the money?
  • A decision on the grant of a pension must be taken no later than within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the application with all necessary documents or receipt of additional documents in the "Sodra" department.
  • A scientist’s pension may be granted and paid from the time when the right to receive it is acquired, but not more than 12 months prior to the receipt of the application with all the necessary documents in the "Sodra" department.
  • The scientist’s pension is paid in the manner that you choose, i.e. y can be paid to a personal account, delivered to home or withdrawn at a payment institution, for example: AB "Lietuvos paštas" branch.
  • You can choose the method of delivery of your pension in accordance with the rules set out in the Description of the Procedure for the Payment of Pensions and Compensation. 


Payment of pension to personal accounts in banks or credit unions:

  • on 7-12 days of every month, pensions that were first granted until 29 February 2012.
  • on 20-26 days of every month, pensions that were first granted after 29 February 2012 and those that were paid on 27-28 days in December 2011 or in September 2012.


All persons can receive a pension to home if:

  • they received a pension to home in December 2009;
  • have lost 75-100% capacity for work (disabled persons in Group I) or for whom there is a special need for permanent nursing, a special need for continuous care (assistance) or a high level of special needs if he receives reimbursement of transport costs;
  • live in areas where there is no possibility to pay benefits in another way;
  • are aged 80 or over;
  • the pension is delivered to your home on 10-26 days of every month.


The payment of a pension in the payment institution can be chosen in cases where:

  • there is no possibility to cash out the benefit if it was paid to your personal account;
  • meet the conditions for receiving a benefit to home;
  • the pension is paid to payment institutions on the 10-26 of every month.


  If the day of payment of the pension is the same day as a holiday, it will be paid on Friday. If the day of payment of the pension coincides with the holiday day - Sunday, it will be paid on Monday. If the day of payment of the pension coincides with the official day of the holiday, it is paid on the working day before the day of that holiday. If the established day of payment of the pension is the last working day of the month, it is paid on the preceding working day.

How long will I receive a pension?
  • A scientist’s pension can be granted and paid only if you do not have insured income.
  • If you have been granted and paid a scientist’s pension, but you have been employed or signed a copyright agreement, you must inform the "Sodra" within 10 days. The payment of a scietist’s pension in such a case shall be terminated from the date on which you have the income.
  • When a person no longer has the insured income, the payment of the pension is renewed.

  Upon obtaining additional academic work experience, the previously granted scientist’s pension is not recalculated.

   After the death of the beneficiary of the pension, the pension will be paid to the persons who buried him, if it has not yet been paid and the pension for one more month.

Pension beneficiary certificate

A certificate is issued to the beneficiary of the pension upon submission of the application. An application can be submitted upon arrival at the "Sodra" department or by logging into your personal "Sodra" account. Needed documents:

1. A passport or other identity document.

2. A photo that meets the requirements for personal documents, on a digital medium (requirements for the photo are indicated in the leaflet below and in the certificate issuance rules). The "Sodra" can also use your photo from the Population Register service (if you received / changed your identity document in 2007 or later).

3. Application for the issuance of a pension beneficiary certificate.

  The issued certificate is issued or sent to the home no later than within 20 working days from the adoption of the decision to grant a pension. When changing a certificate, it is issued not later than within 20 working days from the submission of the application to the "Sodra" department.

Update date: 2018-08-02
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