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Certificates are issued to insurers upon requesting relevant information about themselves (their employees). The application for a certificate must state:

  1. If you are applying for a certificate regarding the personal data of the insurer-natural person, the name, surname and personal code of the insurer.
  2. If you are applying for a certificate regarding the data of the insurer who is not a natural person – the insurer code, legal person code or taxpayer identification number.

  The certificate may be withdrawn in the "Sodra" department by the head of the insurer, submitting an identity document. The representative additionally submits a representation document (authorization).


  We inform you that through EDAS you can view information that is identical to the information provided in the certificates.

Certificates are issued immediately upon arrival at the "Sodra" department.

  • Insurers, insured persons and beneficiaries of social insurance benefits have the right to obtain information about them stored in the SODRA information system without paying any fees.
  • The amount of the fee for providing data is 2.46 EUR (excluding VAT).


The fee for the certificate must be paid to the "Sodra" department's account:



Account number

 Alytus department

LT65 4010 0409 0001 1093

 Kaunas department

LT92 4010 0425 0005 3349

 Marijampolė department

LT35 4010 0408 0001 1326

 Mažeikiai department

LT07 4010 0407 0004 1205

 Panevėžys department

LT48 4010 0412 0003 2108

 Šiauliai department

LT52 7044 0600 0223 6952

 Šilalė department

LT58 4010 0445 0003 0904

 Utena department

LT30 4010 0417 0002 0872

 Vilnius department

LT07 7044 0600 0117 9395

 Klaipėda department

LT21 7044 0600 0076 8930

Karinių ir joms prilygintų struktūrų department

LT41 4010 0424 0005 3863

Užsienio išmokų tarnybos department

LT08 4010 0424 0006 3866

Update date: 2018-08-02
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