I have the status of art creator

If you have the status of art creator, you are of working age and you do not have any insured income, or this kind of income is less than 12 minimum monthly salaries in a calendar year, you are insured by:

  • State-funded pension social insurance.
  • State-funded sickness and maternity social insurance.

The Ministry of Culture provides the "Sodra" with data on who has been granted the status of an artistic creator.

   If your (as an artistic creator‘s) insured income may not exceed the minimum salary, the missing insured amount is covered with state funds.

You are insured with state funds if you meet these:

  1. You did not have insured income ("Sodra" calculates your social security contributions for pension social insurance and sickness, maternity social insurance for the previous month on the minimum monthly salary).
  2. You had insured income, but they do not exceed the minimum monthly salary ("Sodra" calculates your social insurance contributions on the difference received from the minimum monthly salaries of the respective months minus your insured income. In other words, "Sodra" pays the difference of the contributions you are losing up to the minimum monthly salary).
  3. You had insured income, but you were covered by other types of insurance (not pension, sickness and maternity social insurance). "Sodra" calculates your social insurance contributions on the minimum monthly salary for those types of insurance by which you were not insured, and social security contributions for those types by which you were insured but insured income did not exceed the sum of minimum salaries for the specific months as described in point 2.

   You can also be covered by health insurance.

You are not covered by compulsory health insurance with state funds, if:

  1. you do not receive income under the copyright contract and you are not insured by state funds under the Law on Health Insurance;
  2. you are not employed under the employment (service) contract or self-employed and do not pay health insurance contributions.

    If at the end of the year, the "Sodra" receives data that, although the state has covered health insurance, but you have received income under the copyright contract and paid for insurance, the insurance contribution for the next month will be reduced to you.

Update date: 2018-08-13
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