I am nursing a disabled person

You must submit an application and documents confirming your status.

The application can be submitted:

  • At the "Sodra" department.
  • Using a personal "Sodra" account for a resident.
  • By post - the application form can be found here: "Application for State-funded insurance for the care of a disabled person". When sending a request by post, a copy of an identity document certified by law (e.g. notary) must be attached.

The application is submitted if you are nursing another person and you want to be insured by state social insurance and unemployment insurance.


If you are caring for another person and want to be covered by state social pension insurance and unemployment social insurance, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your place of residence and the place of residence of the nursed person are declared in Lithuania.
  • Special need for permanent care or special need for permanent care (assistance) has been established for a disabled person or the term of full invalidity has not expired.
  • You have not reached the old age pension age established by the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • You do not have insured income or your income is lower than the amount of minimum monthly salaries approved by the Government for the respective periods.
  • You are not insured by social insurance in another country.
  • The status of your guardianship (care) is not over, and you are not removed from the performance of the duties by a court order (applies only to carers and carers).
  • A guardian or caretaker not assigned to an incapacitated person (applies when a disabled person is being cared for by one of his parents (adoptive parents).
  • There is no limit to your ability to care for a disabled person as a father or mother.
  • A disabled person is not accommodated or cared for in a social services institution (there is no provision of long-term social care).


A nursing person shall be insured with pension social insurance from state funds only if he does not receive the following belonging to him:

  • State social insurance pensions, with the exception of state social insurance widows' (survivors') pension;
  • State pensions, social assistance pensions, social pensions or social assistance pensions for nursing the disabled at home.


  * Self-employed persons caring for a disabled person are covered by state social pension insurance with state funds only after the expiration of the deadline for declaring income (profit) and finding that these persons did not have insured income. Income from sports activities, performers' activities, or in accordance with copyright agreements, state social pension insurance with state funds as well as persons receiving tandem or remuneration for their activities in the supervisory board or the board of directors of the loan committee paid for the tangible or tandem-dependent person with disabilities is not fulfilled during the period of their state social insurance and if their income exceeds the minimum monthly salary of the corresponding period.

Social insurance for unemployed self-employed persons and persons who receive income from sports activities, performances of work or author's contracts, who are caring for a disabled person, are not covered by state social insurance only if these persons are not compulsorily insured under social insurance for unemployment on another basis.


In order to be insured, you need to submit the following document to the "Sodra" department:

  • An application.
  • Documents proving your identity and identity of the nursed person:
  • The child birth certificate issued by foreign countries must be translated into Lithuanian and legalized or certified by an Apostille. Citizens of foreign states and stateless persons must submit a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania or a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The special need for permanent care of the person being nursed, the special need for permanent care (assistance) or the document confirming the disability of the total disability (if the relevant data have been obtained under the personal data supply agreement, these documents need not be submitted).
  • The order of the director of the municipality administration regarding the determination of the child's temporary guardianship (guardianship) or the court's ruling on the determination of the child's permanent custody; or the court ruling (ruling) on the determination of the guardianship (care) for the adult person (provided by the guardian or caretaker).
Update date: 2020-11-26
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