I am bringing up a child under three years old

If I am a mother (stepmother):

  • If you meet the conditions for insurance with state funds, you are insured  by these types of social insurance from the childbirth:
    • State social pension insurance.
    • Unemployment social insurance.

If I am a father (stepfather):

• You can be insured under a mutual choice of the family:

  • By state social pension insurance.
  • By unemployment social insurance.

The insurance is applicable to you if:

  • you have declared your place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • grow a child under the age of three in the Republic of Lithuania*;
  • you do not have insured income** or insured income less than the amount of minimum monthly salaries approved by the Government for the relevant period:
    • and all personal income from which the state social insurance contributions have been calculated and must be paid in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on State Social Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • sickness benefits;
    • maternity benefits;
    • paternity benefits;
    • child care benefits;
    • professional rehabilitation benefits;
    • social insurance benefits due to accidents at work and occupational diseases;
    • social insurance payments for unemployment.
  • you are not insured with social insurance in another country;
  • your paternity authority is unrestricted; the child is not separated from you by a court decision (only for mothers, fathers or grandchildren, adoptive parents);
  • your child's custody has not been cancelled, and if you are a guardian, you are not dismissed from office by court order (only for carers).
  • you are not serving a custodial sentence, you are not subject to pre-trial detention (arrest).


  1. From the birth of the child until he reaches the age of 3 years, the insurance is automatically applied to the mother (unless the family decides otherwise).
  2. In the case of a guardian, the insurance shall apply from the date on which the right to this insurance is due.
  3. When one of the parents dies - from the next day the insurance applies to another parent.

* A person who has declared his place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania shall be considered to be raising a child in Lithuania when the child's place of residence has been declared in Lithuania or the child has been entered in the accounts of persons who have not declared their place of residence. In cases where the child's place of residence has not yet been declared, a person shall be considered to be raising a child in Lithuania for a period of three months from the date of birth of the child if the person has been granted parental leave, or the place of residence of both the child's parents (adoptive parents) has been declared in the Republic of Lithuania or they have been entered in the accounts of the persons who have not declared their place of residence.

** Self-employed persons raising children under the age of three years state social pension insurance with state funds only after the expiration of the deadline for declaring income (profit). Income from sports activity, performer activity or under copyright agreements, as well as persons who receive shares of profit or remuneration for their activities in the supervisory board or the board of directors, in the loan committee, paid instead of shares of profit or together with tanthemums raising a child under the age of three years, state social pension insurance of the state the funds are not paid for their state social insurance period and if their income exceeds the amount of the minimum monthly salary for the relevant period.

  1. If you are the mother (stepmother) - you do not need to submit your documents. The insurance applies to you from the very moment of your child's birth.
  2. If you want to transfer insurance to another parent, you need to apply to both parents (adoptive parents) for one of them to be insured with public funds, which you can do in the following ways: 
    1. Using a personal "Sodra" account for a resident.
    2. By post - the application form can be found here: "Application for State-funded insurance for raising a child under 3 years of age". When sending a request by post, a copy of an identity document certified by law (e.g. notary) must be attached.
    3. Upon arrival at any "Sodra" departments.
  3. Ordinance of the Director of the Municipality Administration regarding the custody of a child under the age of three years or a court order regarding a child under the age of three years of permanent custody (only for carers, by post - certified copy of a notary).
Update date: 2023-04-03
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