How to employ a person?

Sign a contract with the employee on the basis of which the employee will work with you.

  • Submit a 1-SD notification (notification about the beginning of the personal social insurance).
  • You must submit the notification electronically and sign it by the electronic qualified signature (it is not necessary to go to the "Sodra" department).


  Do not forget to mark an employee's profession in the 1-SD form, according to the Lithuanian Classification of Professions.


Pay attention!
If the person does not have a Lithuanian personal identification number, before submitting the 1-SD notification, the employer must submit a copy of the document that confirms employee's identity. This document can be submitted by logging in to your personal “Sodra” account as an insurer > “Forms and templates” > “Requests / Complaints / Additional information” > “Create new”  > " (DPP, 02) Request".



The 1-SD notification must be submitted not later than one day before the employee begins to work.

For example if you have signed an employment contract with the employee and it officially begins to work on 3 April 2022, then you have to submit the 1-SD notification to the "Sodra" on 2 April 2022.

A person is registered in the "Sodra" Information System and state social insurance contributions are counted.

  • The 1-SD (notification about the beginning of the personal social insurance) notification is provided once.
  • When you have employed employee/employees, you must submit a monthly SAM notification with information on salaries and state social insurance contributions counted to employees. You must submit these notifications for the current month by the 15th of the following month.

For example, if you submit a notification about your employees and their salaries for June 2022, this notification must be submitted to the "Sodra" by 15 July 2022. 

  • When dismissing an employee, a 2-SD notification (notification about the end of state social insurance) must be submitted. This notification must be submitted within 1 business day from the day of dismissal.

The state social insurance contributions submitted in the SAM notification must be paid to the "Sodra" bank accounts on the same day.

Update date: 2023-01-20
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