Benefit old age pension

This benefit of old age pension is appointed and paid for the following persons who have declared their residence or included in the accountancy of persons, who have not declared their residence:

  • Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - RL);
  • To the citizens of the European Union (EU) Member States or Member State of the European Free Trade Association belonging to the European Economic Area and their family members* issued with documents evidencing or granting the right to reside in the RL;
  • Foreigners having a RL long-term residency permit to live in EU;
  • Foreigners, who have received asylum in RL.
  • To the citizens of Australia, Japan, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and their family members issued with temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania. Family members shall be understood as defined in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Status of Aliens.


*Family members – a spouse or a person with whom a registered partnership agreement has been concluded, underage children (foster children) (hereinafter – children), including underage children of a spouse or a person with whom a registered partnership agreement has been concluded, if they are not married and are dependent on their parents, as well as first line straight vertical line relatives, who are supported for at least one year and are unable to benefit from support of other family members living abroad.


The right to receive benefit old age pension belongs to the people who have reached the old age pension age. A person has no right to receive higher or same size pension or pension benefit, with the exception of a social insurance orphan’s pension.


  The age for old age pension in 2019 is 62 years and 8 months for women and 63 years and 10 months for men. Please use our calculator to know when you will become eligible for old age pension.

  In case a person is insured with pension social insurance, the benefit old age pension is not paid.


The amounts of the social assistance retirement pensions are as follows:

  • to parents (adoptive parents), guardians or custodians who for not less than 15 years nursed at home the disabled for whom a special need for permanent nursing or permanent attendance (assistance) is established – 1.5 basic social assistance retirement pensions*;
  • to mothers who brought up five or more children (in case of death of children, to mothers who brought them up for not less than 8 years) – 1.5 basic social assistance retirement pensions;
  • to persons who have reached the age of retirement pension – 1 basic social assistance retirement pension.

* as of 1 January 2022, 1 basic social assistance pension amounts to EUR 150 (in 2021 - EUR 143).


Important: If a person receives an old-age social assistance pension but is also a father (adoptive father), guardian or custodian who has cared for disabled people at home for at least 15 years, who have a special need for permanent care or permanent care (assistance), or a mother who has raised five or more children (having raised at least 8 years in the event of the death of children), may receive a social assistance pension of the amount of 1.5 social assistance pension base. This requires a request by 31-12-2022.

If the person is entitled to the pension or pension benefit (except for the social insurance survivor’s pension) the total amount of which is lower than the social assistance retirement pension; the total difference between the amount of the pension or pension benefit and the social assistance retirement pension is paid.

  • You could address “Sodra” regarding the appointment of social insurance old age pension at three months or less prior to you reaching an old age pension or at any time later. In case the social insurance old age pension is not appointed, you will be informed regarding the provision of application for the appointment of a benefit old age pension.
  • If you addressed the State Social Insurance Fund Board after reaching the retirement age, the social assistance retirement pension will be awarded and paid out to you from the date of acquisition of the right to the pension but for not more than 6 months to the date of receipt of the application for grant of the social assistance benefit by the office of the State Social Insurance Fund Board.

  If an application is submitted by an authorised person, guardian, custodian, close relative of the person entitled to the social assistance benefit or an employee of the social service institution, the document evidencing, as appropriate, the authorisation, establishment of the guardianship or custody and appointment of a person as a guardian or custodian, entering into of a marriage, family relationship or the fact of work in the social service institution as well as the identity document of the authorised person, guardian, custodian, spouse, close relative or employee of the social service institution or copies of such documents.


An application (in Lithuanian) for a social assistance benefit can be submitted:

  • Online, by logging in to the personal "Sodra" account for the resident and filling in the application for social assistance benefit (in Lithuanian).
  • By mail. The application must be accompanied by a copy of an identity document certified in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts.
  • Upon arrival at the "Sodra" branch (you can fill in the application on the spot). You need to:
    • have an identity document;
    • know personal account details to which the pension will be paid.
  • A person who has the right to receive a benefit old age pension payout.
  • An authorized person.
  • A guardian, in case the person is acknowledged as incapable in the respective area.
  • A spouse of the person.
  • Close relatives:
    • Straight line relatives up to the second degree (inclusive) (parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren).
    • Side line second degree relatives (brothers and sisters).
  • Social service institution employees.
  • Your benefit old age pension will be appointed to you no later than in 10 working days from the receipt of the request and all needed documents.
  • Benefit old age pension is paid for the last month.

  Social assistance retirement pension may be paid not only to the person entitled to such benefit but also to his/her representatives (authorised person or guardian if the person having the right to the social assistance retirement pension is declared legally incapacitated in the respective area). 


Benefit old age pension can be:

  1. Transferred to a personal account.
  2. Delivered to home on 10-26th day of each month, if:
    1. You have received your 2018 December pension at home.
    2. You have lost 75-100% of your working capacity or you are determined with special constant nursing needs, special constant supervision (help) needs, special transportation expense compensation needs or high special needs level.
    3. You live in areas where there is no possibility to cash-out money.
    4. You are 80 years of age or older.
  3. Collected at a post department on 10-26th days of each month, when:
    1. There is no possibility to cash-out the payout from your personal account.
    2. You comply with the requirements to receive the payout at home.

You should inform “Sodra” of the following circumstances not later than in 10 days:

  1. Appointment of pension (pension-type payout) in another institution or state.
  2. Regarding the receipt of income, related to work relationships, in another institution or state or becoming a self-employed person in a foreign state.
  3. Appointment of detention as a remand measure.
  4. Serving imprisonment in penitentiary institutions with imprisonment functions (with the exception of open colonies and penitentiary institutions or remand measure institution’s special departments (halfway houses)).
  5. In case forced medical measure stationary patient monitoring under general, strengthened or strict supervision conditions in specialized mental health care facilities is appointed.
  6. Leaving for residence to other countries.
  7. Expiry of guardianship/relieving or removal of the guardian from the guardian’s duties (if the social assistance retirement pension is paid to the representative).


  Failure to report circumstances, having effect on the size and payment of your pensions, will result in collecting the over-paid pension sum from you according to the order, provided for in laws.


A recipient of pension can collect his/her certificate by:


When coming to the department, you will be asked to provide the following:

  1.  A passport or any other personal identification document.
  2.  A picture, complying with personal document requirements, on a digital information carrier (the requirements for the picture are provided in the booklet below and certificate issue rules) or “Sodra” can use your photo from the Resident’s register service (in case you have received/changed your personal identification document  in 2007 or later).
  3. A request to issue a pension recipient’s certificate.


A produced certificate is issued or sent to home no later than in 20 business day from the day the decision to appoint a pension has been made. When the certificate is changed, it is issued no later than in 20 business days from the provision of the request at a “Sodra” department.  In case you will be issued with a pension recipient’s certificate as a recipient of a pension benefit, you will not be issued with another certificate if you receive a benefit old age pension.

Update date: 2021-12-22
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