Basic information

  • On 1 January of each year, employees under 40 years of age and holding a personal number given in Lithuania shall be included in the new pension accumulation system with the possibility to refuse. The proposal to accumulate persons who have not accumulated so far will be repeated every 3 years until the person reaches the age of 40 if the person refuses to participate in pension accumulation. At this age, proposals for aggregation will no longer be made.
  • "Sodra" will inform residents about inclusion through its personal population account and registered letters.
  • Pension contributions for persons included in the accumulation of pensions shall be calculated from 1 July of the year of inclusion in the accumulation of pensions.
  • If you have been included in the accumulation of pensions and have refused to participate in the accumulation of pensions, persons over 40 years of age may become participants by concluding pension accumulation agreements with the chosen pension accumulation company on their own initiative.
  • Persons who, for valid reasons, have been unable to refuse to participate in the accumulation of pensions within the set time limit shall have the right to refuse to participate in the accumulation of pensions after the expiry of this time limit, provided that documents proving valid reasons are submitted. Upon assessing the submitted documents, a servant authorised by "Sodra" shall determine whether the reasons are relevant.

A person can choose whether to start accumulation gradually or transfer 3% of his salary, while the state will contribute 1.5% of the average national wage* to the accumulation of a person.

* In 2023 - €1 590,30.

The gradual increase seems to be as follows:

Year Person's contribution State's contribution
2023 and later 3 1,5


For example, person earns EUR 1,000 (before taxes) per month and his contribution to pension funds is 3%, his pension contribution will be EUR 30 (1,000 x 3% = EUR 30). Another EUR 23,85 (1,590,30 x 1.5% = EUR 23,85) will be transferred from the state budget to the pension fund. A total of EUR 53,85 would be allocated per month.


Additional payments: Any accumulation may decide to accrue more than 3% of its salary. He will benefit from a personal income tax exemption for additional contributions. If his employer pays contributions for the future of his employee, he will benefit from a corporate tax exemption for additional contributions.

Temporary suspension of contributions (“holiday” of contributions): The possibility exists of taking a break of up to 12 months in the accumulation of pensions throughout the accumulation period. This break may be divided after several months and it is important that the total duration is not less than one month and does not exceed one year.

Pension Fund Target group of the pension fund
UAB "SEB investment management“ SEB 1982-1988
SEB 1989-1995
SEB 1954-1960
SEB 1961-1967
SEB 1996-2002
SEB 1968-1974
SEB 1975-1981
SEB asset conservation pension accumulation fund
UAB "INVL Assets Management” INVL pension 1996-2002
INVL pension 1989-1995
INVL pension 1961-1967
INVL pension 1954-1960
INVL pension 1968-1974
INVL pension 1982-1988
INVL pension 1975-1981
INVL pension asset conservation fund
UAB "Swedbank investment management” Swedbank pension 1996-2002
Swedbank pension 1975-1981
Swedbank pension 1954-1960
Swedbank pension 1989-1995
Swedbank pension 1961-1967
Swedbank pension 1982-1988
Swedbank pension 1968-1974
Swedbank asset conservation pension fund
UAB "Luminor investment management" Luminor 1968-1974 target group pension fund
Luminor 1982-1988 target group pension fund
Luminor 1996-2002 target group pension fund
Luminor 1989-1995 target group pension fund
Luminor 1975-1981 target group pension fund
Luminor 1961-1967 target group pension fund
Luminor 1954-1960 target group pension fund
Luminor asset conservation fund

UAGDPB "Aviva Lietuva“

Aviva Y1 1982-1988
Aviva Y2 1989-1995
Aviva Y3 1996-2002
Aviva X2 1968-1974
Aviva X3 1975-1981
Aviva B 1954-1960
Aviva X1 1961-1967
Aviva asset conservation pension fund


Life cycle funds: pension accumulation companies must offer all participants participation in pension funds that are most suited to their age. This means that the manager has to take care of the best possible investment performance when a person is young and make an effort to preserve a person's accumulated wealth during their lifetime as a person approaches the age limit of the old-age pension.




To period

Date of transfer

Date of change of pension funds and suspension of correction of personal details*

2021 y.

10 mo.

01/10/2021 – 31/10/2021



2021 y.

11 mo.

01/11/2021 – 30/11/2021



2021 y.

12 mo.

01/12/2021 – 31/12/2021



2022 y.

1 mo.

01/01/2022 – 31/01/2022



2022 y.

2 mo.

01/02/2022 – 29/02/2022



2022 y.

3 mo.

01/03/2022 – 31/03/2022



2022 y.

4 mo.

01/04/2022 – 30/04/2022



2022 y.

5 mo.

01/05/2022 – 31/05/2022



2022 y.

6 mo.

01/06/2022 – 30/06/2022



2022 y.

7 mo.

01/07/2022 – 31/07/2022



2022 y.

8 mo.

01/08/2022 – 31/08/2022



2022 y.

9 mo.

01/09/2022 – 30/09/2022



2022 y.

10 mo.

01/10/2022 –31/10/ 2022




* The change of pension funds and adjustment of personal data shall be suspended only for the persons on whose behalf pension contributions are calculated and updated immediately after the information about the crediting of pension contributions is received.
Important!  If necessary, the Board of the Fund may change the schedule of transfer of pension contributions.


Participation in pension accumulation shall end when:

  1. the participant reaches the old-age pension age and is paid the full pension benefit under the pension benefit agreement;
  2. the participant dies;
  3. the pension accumulation agreement is declared invalid by a court decision;
  4. monetary funds accumulated on behalf of a participant in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Law on the Preservation and Transfer of Pension Rights of Employees of the Institutions of the European Union and Members of the European Parliament shall be transferred to the pension scheme of the institutions of the European Union.

The main indicators are:

  • duration of the accumulation period;
  • level of remuneration;
  • return on investment;
  • amount of deductions for the benefit of the pension accumulation company, etc.

The accumulated resources stay in the account of the pension fund and you will be able to withdraw them when you reach retirement age and make a contract for pension benefits according to the chosen mode.

  • If you choose to terminate the contract for pension accumulation (the possibility to terminate it was until 01-07-2019with the company of pension accumulation, the resources accumulated in your pension account was transferred to "Sodra". It has changed the already acquired rights to the old-age pension.
  • According to the previous order, the persons, who were participating in the pension accumulation system, acquire less pension-related rights (accounting units of individual part of pensions) during the entire accumulation period, but not later than on 31 December 2018, if compared to persons, who earned the same income without participating in the pension accumulation system.
  • If the contract for pension accumulation is terminated, it is considered that the person was not participating in the pension accumulation system and thus the pension-related rights (accounting units of individual part of pensions) has increased. The transferred amount (including the already paid pension contributions from own resources and the contributions made on your behalf from the State budget) exceeding the amount transferred from "Sodra" on your behalf has be recorded as contributions of social insurance to individual part of pension received in the  "Sodra" budget in the year of transfer.

  The pension contributions paid by the participant shall not be refunded to the participants.

Update date: 2023-04-04
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