"Sodra" information centre

Call us at 
(+370) 5 250 0883
(also available when calling from abroad)


  • For general information, please call one of these numbers.
  • If you want to know personal information about yourself, please identify yourself by one of the three methods.
How can you identify yourself during a call?

If you want to know your personal information (about awarded benefits, their amounts etc.) by calling 1883, you must be identified. You can do this in three ways:

  • Leave your voice sample at "Sodra’s" branch office. The next time you call 1883 you will be identified by your unique voice.
  • Sign in to your personal "Sodra" account, go to Settings, and select that you allow your phone number to be used for authentication. You can also order this service at any "Sodra’s" branch office.
  • After signing in to your "Sodra" account, go to Settings and assign yourself a CID (a unique Customer Identification code comprising 8 digits and one letter). When you call 1883 and tell the code, the consultants will be able to provide your personal information to you. You can receive this code at any "Sodra’s" branch office.

  To order such services at "Sodra’s" branch office, you will need to provide your identity document.

How much does a call cost?

When calling at a long or short number, standard operator rates apply, i.e. the same as when calling at any other number.

What are the business hours of the "Sodra" information centre?

Monday–Thursday: 8:00 to 17:00.

Friday: 8:00 to 15:45.

  On the days before holidays, consultation hours are one hour shorter.

If you are unable to call us during the business hours of the call centre

You can:

  • Write us.
  • Sign in to your "Sodra" resident’s or insurer’s account and start a chat. On this secure communication channel, our consultants will be able to provide your personal information to you.
  • After signing in to your "Sodra" resident’s or insurer’s account, you can submit a question. In responding to it, our consultants will also be able to provide personal information (we will respond within 20 business days).
  • You can email us at (only general information will be provided as a response to your emailed questions. You will not receive specific personal information through this channel. We will respond within 3–5 business days).
Update date: 2018-07-18
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